Surviving Anorexia
Are my body concerns and eating practices “normal”?

Only a health care professional can provide a comprehensive and accurate assessment of your health. However, you might want to consider these broad guidelines.

Normal body-image and eating concerns

  • Interest in improving physical appearance, health, and overall wellness

  • Enthusiasm about a new fitness or healthy eating plan

  • Focus on body image, while maintaining a reasonable level of self-acceptance

  • Pursuit of a challenging physical training program that incorporates good nutrition and balance

Problematic body-image and eating concerns

  • Singular focus on weight loss or obsession with restrictive (yo-yo) dieting

  • Punitive approach to body image which includes self-denigrating comments and/or excessive exercise or purging after eating

  • Working out to lose weight without regard for health and nutritional needs

  • Self-worth based entirely on body image

  • Compulsive, rigid or inflexible approach to a diet/exercise routine.

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