Surviving Anorexia

Recovery is not a race…it’s a slow and steady process that requires much needed time and patience in order for healing to begin. It took a long time for you to develop your unhealthy behaviors and will take just as long or longer to recover. Remember, there is no time limit on recovery…some take longer than others, but never give up…it’s an every day process and we are here to support you along the way


You can be in the driving seat, not your eating disorder. You get to decide what YOU want to do not the other way around!
Keep the big picture in mind

Keep the big picture in mind

My recovery from depression often feels like it isn’t going forward at all. I feel like my emotions go all over the map, up, down, sideways, backwards, and then forwards again. Some days my depression feels better than the day before, but other days it feels worse than I did the day before. Even in the span of one day, I can go from feeling pretty okay about things to feeling like I want to throw in the towel. It’s so confusing and frustrating.

Are you so connected to your technology that it’s either causing anxiety or causing your anxiety to increase? For some, even the thought of not having a cellphone, tablet or computer nearby can trigger anxiety or feelings of paranoia.