Surviving Anorexia
First of all, thank you so much for this blog. It has helped me immensely. Secondly, i have battled anorexia/bulimia for three years. Something recently just clicked and I have eaten 3 meals and 3 snacks everyday for the past month. I have not gained weight yet, however I am terrified that I will go back to my old weight. If I continue to eat a balanced healthy diet consistently, will I gain very minimum weight back?

It takes a while to regain weight At the moment your body is using the food to repair the brain and other organs Weight is the last thing However I would also suggest you simply are not eating enough Three meals and three snacks are great, but if they are only small and less than 2500-3500 calories then you simply are not eating enough for weight gain

The fear about gaining too much weight is the ED It’s illogical and untrue The ED is also telling you that you were HUGE before, when that is also a lie

So to put to put it very bluntly, do you want to recover or just compromise with the ED? To get well and have a full life you have to gain weight to your correct BMI, there is no other way Your brain and body will NOT function properly on less If you compromise with the ED you will always have it in your life controlling you

Recovery is more than surviving
you are

Feel your feet hit the ground and touch the earth.

And remember, you are no failure, no wrong-doer, no judge.

You are a person.

A person whose body deserves acceptance kindness, and thanks.

A person who deserves to wear whatever you like and participate in whatever activities make you feel alive.

A person who deserves to nourish your needs, wants and wishes.

A person who deserves to smile at yourself.

A person who deserves compassion, care, respect and love.

Because no matter what the voices or messages may say.

The scale is no barometer, no measure of any, any of that.

Being recovered is not about simply being able to survive, but being able to feel, think, respond, and react.
For years, I lived a “half-life,” telling myself if I looked “normal” on the outside, and my weight was in the “normal” range, then I was recovered. However, my days were still filled with obsessive food and exercise-related thoughts and tendencies.
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I feel so anxious thinking about eating. I have gained to a BMI of 21 and recently had my period return. I just want my parents to get off my back about the foods that I eat. What can I do to alleviate this anxiety? It is really affecting my life.

First, woohoo, congratulations on what has been a hard and long journey to get back to where you are now. That is a great thing.

I can hear both sides. Your parents are worried and fearful that you might slip back and you are frustrated and anxious to prove that you have achieved health. It’s time to have a really good talk between you or if you feel you can’t get your medical support team to do it. Part of later recovery is learning to own and care for yourself. Get your own foods, be responsible for the amount and what you eat and learn to stay stable and healthy yourself. Your parents don’t have to let go completely, but gradually and it is the best outcome for you too. So you don’t feel suddenly you have it all on yourself. Start with one meal and snack a day that is totally your responsibility. Then when you feel comfortable with that, move on etc. As long as your weight stays stable and you are eating a wide range of foods there is no need for your parents to keep picking at you. Hope this helps and answers your question.

There is nothing beautiful, truthful, friendly or worthwhile about it. Anorexia is destroying and heartless. A disorder without logic.