Surviving Anorexia
I am getting very nervous about the upcoming holidays... especially halloween. I may severely restrict my food but I'm scared i'm going to binge on the candy.

Food celebrations are always such a trauma to get through. The worse part is the expectations of others around you and the simple fact there are people everywhere. The more you stress and worry about it, the harder it will become too.

Plan ahead. It’s about the costumes, the fun, the family, the activities. Try to take the focus off the food and the eating disorder. Have a support person who you can link up with the talk to when it gets tough. Avoid the triggers that you know will upset you or at least have a plan to difuse them. Take extra care of yourself so you don’t feel like everything is falling apart. Only do what you can do - don’t over extend yourself or put yourself into situations that will make it worse. And if you do binge or restrict, don’t beat yourself up.

The links below give ideas of how you can get through this time. Many feel like this over the holidays and it’s good to know that they have written ideas and support to help.

Don’t let the past define you. Instead, take it as a learning experience. While you may regret putting yourself through agony, remember that you are stronger today because of it. Don’t be too hard on yourself because of your mistakes; look toward the future.
positive, pride - the other side of anorexia

positive, pride – the other side of anorexia

Some of the latest research is focussing on smaller areas of eating disorders. In trying to find understanding which translates into treatment, which translates into health, eating disorders are being taken apart and looked at through every layer.

To get forward movement in research this is a good approach. But when handing down the results of the research we have to be careful. Such small areas…

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From She Recovers

From She Recovers