Surviving Anorexia
I do not have battle scars
They’re not proof of my ‘strength’
They are not a symbol of survival
I am sick
And there’s no nice way of saying it
So please stop romanticising my pain
(via suicidalghosts)

Unfortunately, the tell-tale signs of abusive behavior take a back seat to the impression the abuser makes on outsiders. Usually, the community at large either admires or fears the abuser, and that is exactly as the abuser intends. If s/he creates a circle of admiration, then abusive behavior is dismissed as nonsensical. If the abuser creates a circle of fear, then no one wants to call the abuse upon themselves by speaking against the abuser. The abuser keeps the family emotionally isolated because the family knows everyone else thinks the abuser is either above reproach or are too afraid to do anything to help.

Eltham Pantry

Eltham Pantry

do parents cause eating disorders? NO

Laura Collins, author of Eating With Your Anorexic, interviews experts in anorexia and bulimia and other eating disorders about what role parents play in causing eating disorders.

No one should die because of an eating disorder.
dental care for purgers

dental care for purgers

This research report is worth putting in full. It might give those who purge some idea of what to do, early detection, and dental guide. The report comes from: Eating Disorders review

Post-Purging Oral/Dental Health: Practical Guidelines

By Jenny H. Conviser, PsyD, CEDS; Sheehan D. Fisher, PhD; and Rana Stino, DDS
Water Tower Dental Care,…

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slippery slope or not

slippery slope or not

slippery slope of anorexiaWe have been down to visit Sophie – my half semester visit to check she is going ok and to help with homesickness.

When she was home in July, I blogged how she had lost weight. Not in any danger zone, but certainly dropped a size. I hoped this was just her adjusting and her normal body shape and weight sorting itself out.

First impression when we saw Soph two weeks ago – “shit, she lost a lot of…

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