Surviving Anorexia
what I will not share

what I will not share

What I won't share

To all those who want information for school projects, media blogs, uni projects:

I will not share or comment on:

  • my daugher’s lowest weight
  • pictures of her at her worst
  • a detailed state of her fingers nails, hair or other physical attributes
  • how eating disorders affect your looks
  • my daughter’s detailed list of safe foods or fearful foods
  • BMI weight for either my daughter or make suggestions…

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Narcisstic parents

This is so true - blew me away when I read. Describes what happened to our family.

  • Narcissists don’t like to be questioned and don’t want to deal with children who can stand up for themselves. It’s common for some narcissistic parents to become more abusive toward their children when the children reach the age of reason (about 7 years old) or when the children enter into puberty, which many of these parents find very psychologically threatening.

You cannot learn to trust until you remove the reason in your mind that over-rides your own ability to trust.

If your mind is controlled by an eating disorder voice, you cannot learn to trust yourself or others. It requires separating yourself from the eating disorder and your own voice becoming louder than it.

If your mind is controlled by another (abusive relationship), you cannot learn to trust yourself or others. It requires you removing yourself from the relationship and it’s affects on your mind and health.

a new psychiatrist

Apologies that I haven’t written for a while. September was busy. The biggest hurdle was done today with the new psychiatrist.

seeing a new psychiatristFirst the build up. Seeing a new therapist in your mental health care is quite huge, not just for the sufferer either, but also for the parent. Will was a bit anxious but at least he was willing to try this new man. By the time I had filled out the 12 page new patient…

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